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Software Products developed by Infotech SA Inc.
Storage Auditor Version 2.2.1

Storage Auditor 2.2.1 is a multi-platform client/server software tool that analyzes disk storage for capacity, backup planning, and HSM analysis. Storage Auditor provides valuable insight into your organization's data structure and storage needs and greatly simplifies backup planning.
Storage Auditor for Windows

Infotech SA Inc.’s Storage Auditor for Windows is a complete storage auditing and planning tool for Windows. Storage Auditor Single System provides valuable insight into your computer’s disk usage, file usage and storage needs. It is a valuable tool to improve the efficiency of your computer.
Backup Reporter

Infotech SA Inc.’s Backup Reporter is a web-based application for Veritas NetBackup users on UNIX and Windows Operating Systems. Backup Reporter is a tool to create customized backup reports based on user-supplied parameters. Backup Reporter is useful for large organizations using Veritas NetBackup software.
Infotech SA Inc.ís Task Application

Infotech SA Inc.’s Task Application is a paperless small office automation tool for UNIX and Windows Operating Systems. Task Application was designed to facilitate daily communication with offshore software developers and has been modified enhanced through two years’ experience.
Problem Tracker

Infotech SA Inc.’s Problem Tracker is a web-based application for UNIX and Windows Operating Systems. It provides a graphical interface with which administrators and analysts can easily log and keep the track of problems arising in the daily operation of a large computer system.
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