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Consulting Services

Storage Market Survey A review, description and market position of specific products (e.g. Disk, Disk Arrays, Magnetic Tape, Tape Libraries, HSM and Backup Software) and their competition followed by a comparative analysis.

Storage Audit A service designed to provide current data and resource usage patterns that can be used for making optimal purchasing decisions. Storage Auditor software can be installed and used securely to monitor an Enterprise-wide disk usage. Disk usage reports are produced on-site at required intervals. Usage data can be e-mailed to us for a more thorough analysis and recommendations for storage management policies, purchase of new hardware or for support services.

Storage System Analysis and Design Infotech SA's experienced consultants will work with you to design a network storage system for backup, hierarchical storage, or archive. Infotech will help you identify key resources and requirements, develop plans for integrating new or existing hardware into your backup and recovery solution, and provide help and support to purchase necessary equipment.