Storage Auditor
Download Storage Auditor

Storage Auditor for Windows is software developed by Infotech SA Inc. to provide disk and file usage information to the user. “Hot” files, changed files, file type counts and other useful information is presented in graphical format. Backup times for various backup paradigms and storage media are estimated. A free 7-day evaluation copy of this software is available for download.
Storage Auditor Animation

This animation explains the operation of Infotech SA Inc’s Storage Auditor software. The animation presents the same look and feel as the commercially-available software. The user can select program functions and see sample outputs that the software will produce after audit and analysis of the host system.

Storage Management Features Animation

This animation presents a graphical explanation of the main storage management concepts including Network Backup, Synthetic Backup, Hierarchical Storage Management, Archive, (Put, Get, Stage etc.) and Disaster Recovery.

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