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VERITAS™ Netbackup Administration Services

After procurement of any storage system, organizations face the formidable problem of utilizing these systems to their best advantage. Although backup and HSM systems are sometimes offered as "unattended, lights-out" solutions, expert help is required to install and properly operate these systems.

NBU001 - NBU Administration

Backup and HSM administration services are offered for Veritas Netbackup and Veritas Storage Migrator products. Infotech has seven Veritas-certified consultants with hands-on experience with large backup and HSM systems. Software installation, configuration and planning and daily administration of the system are among the services offered.

NBU002 - NBU Vault Administration

The NBU vault administration service offers help to plan, configure and operate daily vaulting of all data that has been backed up by Veritas Netbackup. Infotech offers end-to-end support for planning and implementing an organization’s vaulting scheme based on appropriate parameters and policy supplied.

NBU003 - NBU Backup and Recovery System Planning

Infotech SA's experienced consultants will work with you to design a highly-available, easily-maintainable business continuity system for backup, restore, and disaster recovery. Infotech will help you identify key resources and requirements, develop plans for integrating new or existing hardware into your backup and recovery solution, and provide detailed, comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery contingency procedures. You will benefit from our team's experience in designing real-world backup systems, ranging from large enterprises to small offices, as we work with you all the way from initial requirements gathering and planning, to implementation and administration.