About Infotech SA

Infotech SA Inc. was formed in November 1990 to provide unbiased information to help in making informed storage system purchasing decisions. Prior experience in designing, developing and marketing a High-Speed, High Capacity Network Storage Server had made it clear that many organizations had a dire need for such information.

Over the years, the storage market has matured and the range of products and storage management services available has grown tremendously. Users’ need for accurate and unbiased information based on real, hands-on daily use of the latest storage products has become even more acute. Infotech, through its long and continuing hands-on daily experience with large, State-of-the-Art storage systems, is uniquely placed to provide such unbiased information.

Infotech SA Inc. published the first annual Enterprise Storage Report (ESR) in 1991. The ESR is distributed worldwide. Four books, conference papers and White Papers on various aspects of mass storage systems have also been published. Consulting Services for the design, procurement and deployment of storage systems were introduced in the following year. In 1998, Infotech introduced support services for Enterprise Backup and Hierarchical Storage Management. Other services, hardware and software product sales and integrated storage solutions were subsequently added.

In February 2002 Infotech was certified as a 8A company . To contact Infotech SA Inc., click here.

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