State-of-the-Art Report on Storage
Every segment of the computer market is expanding and experiencing rapid technological changes, but the change in cost, capacity and density of storage devices have been staggering.
Infotech SA’s State-of-the-Art Report on Storage presents an organization with a concise and up to date summary of the most recent advances, directions, and trends prevailing in the storage market.
The Report is divided into 5 Sections listed below. It is updated quarterly to provide the purchaser with focused and current information on storage products and technologies.

Section 1 -

State-of-the Art in Storage

Section 2 -

Magnetic Tape

Section 3 -

Magnetic Disk

Section 4 -

Magnetic Tape Libraries

Section 5 -

Storage Management Software

The focused information presented in the State-of-the-Art Report on Storage acquaints the reader with the latest advances in computer storage. More detailed information is available in the form of answers to questions sent by e-mail are available from experienced Infotech staff. The Report may be ordered online from Infotech SA Inc. by clicking the Order Now button below. For more information, or, to send questions, please use e-mail .
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