Infotech SA Inc. Reports and Publications - 2005
Enterprise Storage Report (ESR)

A Comprehensive 400-page annual report on storage markets, systems and technologies. Written from the background of Infotech's long hands-on experience in the design, development and marketing of large and small storage systems, the report is an invaluable guide to leading storage products and systems available today.
State-of-the-Art Report on Storage

An insightful and informative report on the current State-of-the-Art in commercial storage systems, technologies and markets. Written from the background of Infotech's long hands-on consulting experience in storage systems, the report provides focused information useful for management in making informed purchasing decisions
White Papers and and Technical Reports

A series of White Papers and Technical Reports on practical issues that must be addressed in the design, purchase and daily operation of storage system. Particular emphasis is placed on large network backup systems.
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